The rapid spread of social video

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The digital landscape has fundamentally changed; media platforms have evolved, and user behaviour has been transformed. The internet is simply not the same as it was this time last year.

One of the more defining trends in the digital marketplace has been the rapid spread of social video consumption, which has been largely stimulated by the explosion of smartphone and tablet usage. We are therefore entering an age where we need to understand and appeal to every consumer individually and ensure that our strategies which were previously robust in an era of mass media remain relevant in the age of personal media which inevitably includes social video.

Targeted and personalised brand experiences can be achieved with social video companies which encourage organic advocacy and distribution of brand messages. Travel companies stand to benefit from this by taking more of a ‘right brain’ approach to their messaging and shifting their thinking from product (commodity) to place (experience) through the development of video content. Videos can help to make the travel planning and booking process a more integral part of the overall holiday experience, and the use of video imagery strategically placed on websites can give consumers an immersive experience of place, taking customers on a journey before their real adventures begin.

An Unruly Media Whitepaper published in January 2012 demonstrated social video to directly increase brand recall and association as well as video enjoyment. A snapshot of the results are below:

But how does this compare to traditional video format consumption via Television advertising? The results are encouraging.

The above results are not surprising given the latest insight from Kantar Media’s TGI survey, which revealed that 11 million adults (aged 15+) in Britain visit social networking sites more than once a day – which is where video is largely consumed online. Indeed Millennials (those aged between 18 and 34), are twice as likely to use video to determine which company to make a purchase from.

As consumers seek simpler ways of visualising and consuming a wealth of data that we come into contact with daily, could video content provide a healthier future for advertisers? We believe that it most certainly can and therefore should be integral to any marketing strategy.

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REF 1: What is social video?

Non-interruptive, user-initiated video format sold on a cost per engagement/view basis. The social video format launches only when the viewer actively chooses to watch the content. The content is delivered within a fully functional video player, giving the user total control of the viewing experience, including the ability to comment, share, re-post, pause and replay.

Plays can be delivered across a range of media (in-page, in-stream, in-text, in-game, in-app) and on multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, connected TVs).

Social video is all about engagement. Users are 40 times more likely to click a social video than a display banner. Social video also delivers an 8 times higher CTR than traditional pre-roll.

With social video, users choose to engage and share, and with no content limit or wastage it is no surprise that social video is currently delivering world leading CTRs.


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