Sky’s new digital product placement deal

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Sky has agreed a new digital product placement deal with pet food manufacturer Pedigree, claiming it is the first of its kind seen in the UK.

The deal sees posters and billboards advertising Pedigree Dentastix digitally implemented in Sky 1 HD’s documentary series A Different Breed, after the programme was recorded.

The first digital placement appeared in Tuesday’s (17th May) programme in the background of scene featuring a man with his dog in the form of a street-side poster.

BSkyB’s head of branded content Jason Hughes says: “We’re delighted to be at the vanguard of digital product placement in the UK…we’re looking forward to working with other brands to explore similar opportunities.”

As product placement has been permitted in UK television since 28th February, it’s likely that advertisers and TV producers will continue to work together in creating new opportunities to advertise new and existing products.

Four opinion: These opportunities are limited only by imagination and budget!


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