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News Corp Reports Revenue Decline

News Corp, the publisher of newspapers including The Times and The Sun, has reported a 2.8% decline in revenues for the quarter ending 30th September 2013 with a decline in advertising being blamed for the decrease.

In the first quarter since News Corp was split into a highly successful entertainment company and a less profitable publishing business earlier this year, the latter’s net income rose from a loss of $83 million last year to a profit of $38 million. However, year-on-year annual sales actually fell from $2.13 billion to $2.07 billion, falling short of the $2.18 billion total predicted by analysts, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Source: www.advanced-television.com/

The news division, whose portfolio includes titles in the US, the UK and Australia, saw advertising fall 12 percent and revenues from circulation and subscription decrease by 6 percent with the Australian papers accounting for the largest decline (a 22% drop in sales).

In response to the results, Robert Thompson, News Corp’s chief executive, was keen to highlight that the company is in a period of transition with the brands’ evolution into digital content providers key to its future: “Our first quarter as the new News was the beginning of a journey in the digital development of the company. We […] are transforming our publishing operations longer-term into multi-platform businesses [and] we are even more convinced the company will thrive as the company becomes more digital.”

Paid websites represent a key part of this strategy – it is now three years since The Times and Sunday Times websites went behind a paywall with The Sun following suit earlier this year. While it has been a controversial approach at odds with that of the highly successful Guardian and Daily Mail sites, News UK argue that the indisputable reduction in visitors is compensated for by the quality of the data they have on their subscribers and, therefore, the level of targeting which they can offer advertisers. However, from Four’s point-of-view, this reduced traffic makes it difficult to reach a sufficient number of people on more niche areas of the site relevant to our clients, such as the Property section.

In addition, News UK has identified the iPad and tablet apps as central to a strong digital offering, with increased functionality and a wider range of creative advertising solutions being planned for 2014. With Tesco’s £119 Hudl tablet tipped to be a strong seller this Christmas, we believe that a presence on apps will become increasingly important to many of our clients in the coming months.

iPad Owners Are Young Males Who Use it for Anything but Work


ComScore revealed in July 2011 that 62.4% of iPad owners are male, with 69.4% under the age of 45.

According to IDC (November 2011) currently, Apple iPad has 68% market share comparing to other tablet devices in the UK. Tablets powered with Android OS have a 27% market share. Blackberry PlayBook has a market share of 5%.

Users prefer tablets because they believe they are more portable, lightweight and convenient. That’s why according to Price Grabber 79% of users preferred to unwrap a tablet than a laptop at Christmas.  (Nov’11)

The following are interesting facts about iPad users:

Where do you use your iPad?

  • 95% in the living room
  • 89% in the bedroom
  • 63% in the kitchen
  • 48% in the garden
  • 35% in the bathroom
  • 26% in the car, train or bus.

What do you use your iPad for?

  • 98% for Internet browsing
  • 94% for email communications
  • 88% for media consumption (Music, Video, etc), of which:
    • Music:
      • 90% listen to iTune music
      • 55% listen to live radio
      • 9% listen to Last.FM
      • 9% listen to Spotify
      • 1% listen to Pandora
  • Video:
    • 87% watch YouTube
    • 74% watch catch-up TV
    • 52% watch iTune videos
    • 38% watch live TV
    • 10% watch Vimeo
    • 79% for gaming
    • 78% for shopping
    • 78% for social networking
    • 69% for news reading (newspaper, magazines and blogs)
    • 63% for book reading
    • 45% for business

Which Internet connected device do you spend most money with?

  • 48% with iPad
  • 19% with desktop computers
  • 16% with laptop computers
  • 11% with mobile phone
  • 4% with Cable/Internet TV
  • 3% don’t spend money on any device

How many Apps have you paid for on iPad?

  • 26% paid for 0-9 Apps
  • 24% paid for 10-19 Apps
  • 33% paid for 20-49 Apps
  • 11% paid for 50-99 Apps
  • 6% paid for 100 or more Apps

Survey conducted by Imano in May 2011.

Facebook Launches the Long Awaited iPad App

The social media site is extending its digital offering by unveiling an iPad app. The app features a new layout for the site, with games, apps, groups and lists in a left-hand menu, and messages and notifications at the top of every screen.

Facebook’s iPhone app is the most downloaded iPhone app to date and with mobile usage of the social network rising, its move to tablet devices has been hotly anticipated.

Source: Mediaweek.com