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News Corp Reports Revenue Decline

News Corp, the publisher of newspapers including The Times and The Sun, has reported a 2.8% decline in revenues for the quarter ending 30th September 2013 with a decline in advertising being blamed for the decrease.

In the first quarter since News Corp was split into a highly successful entertainment company and a less profitable publishing business earlier this year, the latter’s net income rose from a loss of $83 million last year to a profit of $38 million. However, year-on-year annual sales actually fell from $2.13 billion to $2.07 billion, falling short of the $2.18 billion total predicted by analysts, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Source: www.advanced-television.com/

The news division, whose portfolio includes titles in the US, the UK and Australia, saw advertising fall 12 percent and revenues from circulation and subscription decrease by 6 percent with the Australian papers accounting for the largest decline (a 22% drop in sales).

In response to the results, Robert Thompson, News Corp’s chief executive, was keen to highlight that the company is in a period of transition with the brands’ evolution into digital content providers key to its future: “Our first quarter as the new News was the beginning of a journey in the digital development of the company. We […] are transforming our publishing operations longer-term into multi-platform businesses [and] we are even more convinced the company will thrive as the company becomes more digital.”

Paid websites represent a key part of this strategy – it is now three years since The Times and Sunday Times websites went behind a paywall with The Sun following suit earlier this year. While it has been a controversial approach at odds with that of the highly successful Guardian and Daily Mail sites, News UK argue that the indisputable reduction in visitors is compensated for by the quality of the data they have on their subscribers and, therefore, the level of targeting which they can offer advertisers. However, from Four’s point-of-view, this reduced traffic makes it difficult to reach a sufficient number of people on more niche areas of the site relevant to our clients, such as the Property section.

In addition, News UK has identified the iPad and tablet apps as central to a strong digital offering, with increased functionality and a wider range of creative advertising solutions being planned for 2014. With Tesco’s £119 Hudl tablet tipped to be a strong seller this Christmas, we believe that a presence on apps will become increasingly important to many of our clients in the coming months.

Decline in UK Daily Newspaper Market

Last weeks ABC circulation figures have shown that the UK daily newspaper market is still in decline, down 7.6% from April 2011. The rate is steadily increasing month by month. In February 2012 the total circulation of the UK daily newspaper market fell by 5.2% from February 2011, the figures were even higher over the 12 month period from March 2011 with a decline in circulation of 7.4%. We will have to wait till next months ABC figures to see whether the negative trend is increasing or whether it is stabilising slightly.

In terms of quality daily titles, the Daily Telegraph was the only title to see a small PoP uplift of just 0.1%. The Independent saw the biggest fall, down 82,000 copies over the last 12 months. This was a YoY drop of 45.4%. The Times had a drop of 12.6% from last April, which was trumped by the Financial Times, who recorded a 17.8% YoY drop, this equates to just over 66,000 copies according to the latest figures. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the drop in circulation of many of the quality daily titles can be attributed to many of their readers choosing to use online or app offerings from the papers. The Times, Financial Times and Telegraph have very strong app offerings which are showing ever increasing download figures on a month by month basis.

One newspaper posted an increase in its circulation over the past year. The i has seen its circulation rise by 68.6% over the past 12 months. This is a YoY increase in circulation of 110,497 where as its stable mate the Independent has seen its circulation fall by 82,107 (45.4%). This is excellent news for the newspaper and shows that there is still growth within the UK Daily Newspaper market for those publishers who are willing to innovate and invest.


Source: Mintel

In terms of the popular daily titles The Sun saw a small rise in PoP of 0.4% where as the Daily Star saw a fall of 0.5%. Over the past year the Sun has seen the biggest loss in circulation of 159,102 copies, yet it remains the biggest selling daily title in the UK with a circulation of 2.6million which dwarfs its nearest rivals by almost 1.5 million copies.


Source: Mintel

The London free press as a whole has seen its circulation remain almost static as total circulation increased slightly (0.1% YoY). Metro (London) performed the strongest with an increase in its circulation of 8,373 over the past 12 months, compared to the decrease in circulation from City A.M (3,231) and the London Evening Standard whose circulation decreased by 3,944.


Source: Mintel

For the first time the ABC figures include a separate Saturday average, this has confirmed a significant uplift of Saturday newspaper editions. The Guardian has seen the biggest difference between its weekday and weekend sales. It has more than doubled its Saturday circulation to 377,000 copies compared to that of the weekday circulation (178,000). The Daily Mail has seen a similar uplift in its Saturday circulation selling 2.7 million copies compared to 1.7million during the week.

The Sunday Newspaper market now includes the new edition of The Sun. The Sun on Sunday sold 3.21 million copies in its first week, however, the figure dropped to 2.7 million in its second week. The ABC release shows that overall the Sunday market is performing strongly and is up 31.6% YoY. The strong YoY increase of the Sunday newspaper market from April 2011 can solely be attributed to the Daily Star Sunday posting a YoY circulation increase of 55.9% (172,988 copies). This cannot, however, be attributed to a slash in cover price as the publications cost has increased slightly over the past year. In April 2011 the cover price stood at 35p in comparison to 50p in 2012.

In terms of the Sunday Newspaper markets top performance, the Sunday Times performed strongest posting a percentage increase of 2.9% PoP despite suffering a huge loss in circulation in April of approximately 63,000 copies. On the other hand, the Sunday Times has seen a strong rise in iPad app downloads with page views for April 2012 totalling 68,982,986. This figure is extremely positive and shows that the digital market is performing stronger than ever.

ABC April

Source: Mintel

In terms of the coming few months, we can assume that the newspaper circulations will plateau or possibly increase slightly during the Jubilee period and the Olympic Games. Readers will hopefully be purchasing newspapers to keep up to date with the most recent news and photos from both Events.

National Newspapers – May 2012 – ABC figures

Title Nov 10 – Apr 11 Oct 11 -Mar 12 Nov 11- Apr 12 YoY actual change % YoY POP actual change % POP
National Newspapers – Quality
Daily Telegraph 637,233 588,702 584,349 -52,884 -8.3 -4,353 -0.7
Times 451,910 405,602 401,775 –50,135 -11.1 -3,827 -0.9
Financial Times 384,501 328,579 322,331 -62,170 -16.2 -6,248 -1.9
Guardian 266,440 224,611 222,003 -44,437 -16.7 -2,608 -1.2
i N/A 240,680 250,356 N/A N/A 9,676 4.0
Independent 180,411 116,637 111,086 -69,325 -38.4 -5,551 -4.8
Independent On Sunday 152,311 127,530 126,013 -26,298 -17.3 -1,517 -1.2
Sunday Telegraph 493,449 460,772 458,135 -35,314 -7.2 -2,637 -0.6
Sunday Times 103,4212 950,066 947,517 -86695 -8.4 -2,549 -0.3
Observer 304,870 260,903 258,422 -46,448 -15.2 -2,481 -0.6
National Newspapers – Mid-market
Daily Mail 207,6039 198,1883 198,0572 -95,467 -4.6 –1,311 -0.1
Daily Express 629,531 588,375 580,999 -48,532 –7.7 -7376 -1.3
Mail On Sunday 193,8348 1,915,412 1,885,690 -52,658 -2.7 –29,722 -1.6
Sunday Express 548,608 602,232 579,349 30,741 -5.6 -22883 -3.8
National Newspapers – Popular
Sun 2,835,606 2,631,598 2,616,354 -219,252 –7.7 -15,244 -0.6
Daily Mirror 1,166,752 1,172,785 1,096,918 -69,834 -6 -5,379 -0.5
Daily Star 718,670 629,234 621,444 -97226 -13.5 -7,790 -1.2
Daily Record 306,535 285,355 280,008 -26,527 -8.7 -5,347 -1.9
Daily Star Sunday 314,069 612,318 580,806 266,737 84.9 -31,512 -5.1
Sun N/A 2,426,894 2,297,441 N/A N/A -129,453 -5.3
Sunday Mirror 1,077,060 1,590,098 1,492,737 415,677 38.6 -97,361 -6.1
People 489,308 706,988 658,135 168,827 34.5 -48,853 -6.9

ABC National Newspaper Round-Up

The daily newspaper market circulation figures have fallen yet again to 1.8% PoP. The market is down 6.9% Year on Year. However, two dailies have reported an increase in sales over the month –the Daily Mail and i.

The Sunday Market saw figures fall – 1.2% PoP. The Independent on Sunday managed to avoid the trend, however, tabloid YoY figures have remained positive and this is probably still due to the closure of the News of the World.

National Newspapers – November 2011 – ABC figures

Title Nov-10 Oct-11 Nov-11 % YoY % POP
National Newspapers – Quality
Daily Telegraph 652,762 603,901 594,644 -8.9% -1.5%
Times 466,311 417,197 413,233 -11.4% -1.0%
Financial Times 400,699 345,077 337,239 -15.8% -2.3%
Guardian 270,582 230,541 226,473 -16.3% -1.8%
Independent 177,636 133,449 127,873 -28.0% -4.2%
i n/a 211,467 221,736 n/a 4.9%
Mid Market
Daily Mail 2,100,885 1,998,363 2,001,643 -4.7% -2.66%
Daily Express 639,690 614,534 603,318 -5.7% 0.2%
National Newspapers – Popular
Sun 2,898,113 2,715,473 2,624,167 -9.5 -3.4%
Daily Mirror 1,177,629 1,118,120 1,103,405 -6.3% -1.3%
Daily Star 756,686 658,690 643,490 -15.0% -2.3%
Daily Record 303,031 293,091 278,498 -8.1% -5.0%
Total 6,455,181 7,784,508 7,693,150 19.2% -1.2%

Sunday Newspaper Market – November 2011 – ABC figures

Title Nov-10 Oct-11 Nov-11 % YoY % POP
Independant on Sunday 150,931 130,942 133,108 -11.8% 1.7%
Observer 315,316 268,355 266,744 -15.4% -0.6%
Sunday Times 1,052,414 967,990 967,615 -8.1% -0.0%
Sunday Telegraph 501,430 471,894 465,389 -7.2% -1.4%
Mid Market
Sunday Express 545,475 679,265 658,331 -20.7% -3.1%
Mail On Sunday 1,985,333 2,000,251 1,975,728 -0.5% 1.2%
Daily Star Sunday 331,564 688,058 665,435 100.7 -3.3%
People 502,656 804,126 800,659 59.3% -0.4%
Sunday Mirror 1,070,062 1,773,627 1,760,141 64.5% -0.8%

Total 6,455,181 7,784,508 7,693,150 19.2% -1.2%

Further Analysis

Quality Daily Titles

  • i was the only Quality to enjoy a PoP boost – up 4.9% (over 10,200 copies)
  • The Independent suffered the biggest percentage declines – down -4.2% PoP and -28.0% YoY
  • The Daily Telegraph remains the top-selling Quality title, despite falling below the 600,000 mark after a -1.5% PoP fall in November

Mid-Market Daily Titles

  • The Daily Mail enjoyed a small 0.2% PoP rise, taking its total circulation above the 2m mark again
  • The Daily Express posted a -1.8% PoP fall to 603,000 copies

Popular Daily Titles

  • All of the red-top titles posted YoY and PoP declines
  • The Sun remains the top-selling daily, despite falling to 2.6m copies  after a -3.4% PoP drop (a loss of more than 91,000 copies)

Quality Sunday Titles

  • The Independent on Sunday enjoyed a 1.7% PoP increase to 133,000 copies
  • The Sunday Times remained fairly static during the month and is still the most-read Sunday Quality with a total circulation of 968,000 copies
  • The Sunday Telegraph recorded the biggest actual loss in the month – down by more than 6,500 copies PoP

Mid-Market Sunday Titles

  • The Sunday Express posted a positive 20.7% YoY increase but was down -3.1% PoP
  • The Mail on Sunday has fallen below 2m copies once again after a -1.2% PoP decline

Popular Sunday Titles

  • All three Sunday tabloids recorded PoP percentage declines, however, all three also enjoyed YoY increases – benefiting from the News of the World closure
  • The Daily Star Sunday posted a massive 100.7% YoY rise to 665,000 copies
  • The People is up 59.3% YoY to 801,000, while the Sunday Mirror is up 64.5% YoY to 1.76m copies (making it the most-read  Sunday red-top)