The Four Christmas Quiz

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Source: DailyMail

For those of you who haven’t got the Christmas lunch quiz sorted yet – here are a few questions to test your media news knowledge and hopefully raise a smile.

Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

  1. Who recently offered a ‘Tweet Suite’ for members of the press when they attended a party in their very large house?
  2. What is Google + ? A social network or a washing machine setting?
  3. Who’s going down? Rebecca or James???
  4. Who was nominated as TIMES Person of the Year but is not a person?
  5. Which big event became the fastest rising UK Google search in 2011?
  6. The world population reached a record breaking number this year. What was it?
  7. What was the top UK story posted on Facebook?
  8. What were the most popular search questions on Google in 2011?
  9. Who will win The Christmas Day ratings battle – East Enders or Coronation Street?
  10. Which country found a drunken Elk stuck in an apple tree?

Click and see how well you did …


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