Riots Swell TV Viewing Figures

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London Riots Boost TV ViewingLondon’s ongoing riots have re-highlighted the importance of social media as a news and wider communicative tool, with Twitter, Facebook, and Blackberry Messenger being used for good and ill across the capital and UK.

Less reported, however, is the affect the rioting has had on the viewing figures for TV news channels.

According to BskyB, Sky News achieved a reach of 6.81 million viewers for its coverage on Monday (based on viewers who tuned in for at least 15 minutes).  This gives the channel its highest daily audience figure since 7.3 million tuned in to watch the Iraq war coverage in 2003.

With a reach of 8.8 million, BBC News channel attracted a record-breaking audience, with 3.3 million of the audience viewing in London.

The BBC’s news website also recorded it’s second highest level of UK usage on Tuesday with 6.8 million users – an audience figure only second to the day following last year’s general election.


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