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The national press property supplements have clearly reacted to capitalise on the signs of positive growth within the London property market.

The Telegraph is set to launch its new property and interiors supplement called Luxury Homes on October 1st. It will be a 44 page glossy magazine containing a 50/50 ratio split of advertising and editorial. It will only be distributed within the Telegraph’s 500,000 London and South East circulation. It will also be sent to the CEOs of the FTSE top 250 companies to capitalise on its core AB readership.

Luxury Homes will contain editorial features on property trends, overseas, finance, landscaping and interiors as well as home entertainment.

The Daily Telegraph has 1,005,000 readers on a Saturday within the London and South East area (TGI GB 2011 Q1). 55% of these readers are AB adults with savings and investments worth £88,900 on average according to Premier TGI 2011. The average home value of the Daily Telegraphs Saturday readership is approximately £602,606. Luxury Homes will allow advertisers to focus on these readers.

On the other hand, The Sunday Times ‘Home’ section is starting to look dated with no revision in sight for its current layout. The Sunday Times once used to be a guaranteed profit generator for News International. However, over the past two years it has been making a substantial loss. In January News International announced a reported pre-tax loss of £45 million for the 12 months to June 2010.

Conversely, The London Evening Standards property section Homes & Property is showing itself to be a strong part of the London property scene. Homes & Property was launched in 1996 with the aim to provide its London centric readership with reliable and intelligent information on the London property market as well as covering areas such as gardening and interiors.

Its editor Janice Morely and team of expert writers have written all sorts of editorial that focus on different areas of London and abroad. Many Londoners see Homes & Property as an excellent guide to buying and renting properties within the capital. In stark comparison to the Sunday Times the London Evening Standards readership has increased over the same June July period 2010/2011 by 242,000 to a total daily readership of 1,651,000 (ABC readership survey). With Its London centric circulation and audience it would seem that the London Evening Standard and Homes & Property itself is only set to benefit further.

Along with the Telegraph, the Financial Times has redesigned its property section. House & Home was launched in September 2006 with the aim of providing its wealthy global audience the opportunity to read about property, design and gardening at the weekend during their ‘downtime’. It is an internationally focussed and globally distributed supplement within the FT Weekend edition. The Financial Times’ total readership is approximately around the one million mark. 40.4% of the FT’s readership are aged between 25 and 44. Of its total readership 74.1% are male (NRS Jun10-Jun11).

The redesign has been spearheaded by House & Homes editor Jane Owen. The changes have been implemented to keep the product fresh and to reflect the editorial changes that are being implemented by Jane Owen.
The first issue of the redesigned House & Home was launched on September 17th and was for the first time 24 pages, including an 8-page interiors supplement.

The changes to House & Home are very positive in light of the state of world economies and property markets. It shows that the Financial Times has confidence in itself to attract the relevant advertising to fill its pages and that there is a sufficient property and interiors market globally to warrant such a redesign.


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