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Newspaper Update

Declining circulations
2014 saw the continued decline of print newspaper circulations, a decrease of 9% overall. Due to the rise in mobile device ownership and shift to consuming news online, circulations are predicted to drop by more than a third over the next five years.

Trends in UK Newspaper Circulation

In terms of dailies, it is the popular titles that have seen the most dramatic declines, averaging a 25% decrease since 2011 compared to 12.7% for the qualities. This is likely due in part to the full or partial online paywalls implemented by titles such as Times/Sunday Times and Financial Times.

Furthermore, print readership continues to shift to an increasingly mature demographic with over half of over-65s regularly reading print newspapers compared to an average of 29%.

Digital innovation
On a more positive note, digital growth over the past year has been strong with five of the largest newsbrands reporting a combined 25% increase in browsers in 2014. In contrast to print, users tend to be younger with nearly 75% of those aged 25-34 having accessed news online within the last three months compared to an average of around 60%.

Despite this, print still accounts for the bulk of revenues as newsbrands continue their mission to grow digital profits. Developing exclusive content such as videos and podcasts is central to brands’ strategies, be it as an incentive to subscribe for those using paywalls or an additional revenue stream for free content providers.

What this means for advertisers
New products will ultimately offer innovative ways of targeting and engaging niche audiences which is good news for advertisers.

Also important to consider are the changes in how online news is consumed, with smartphones now the device most commonly used to read news online.

Device Breakdown

A reduced share of browsers does not mean that targeting desktop or laptop users should be avoided, but creative format and potentially messaging should be adapted for each device. So while almost three-quarters of print newspaper readers consume the paper at home with time to browse, those reading on smartphones are far more likely to be on the move, making more direct messaging appropriate.


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