Search giant ‘Google’ sees the scariest month in 5 years

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During the month of October, search giant Google has seen the highest drop in market share in over 5 years, dipping to below 90% according to Experian Hitwise, a firm that monitors traffic. Figures released by the company show that 89.33% of all web searches in the UK were made by Google.

October however was a 2012 peak for Microsoft, with their search engine Bing coming in second place with 4.71% market share, an increase of 0.86 percentage points from 3.85% in October 2011.

One could consider Microsoft’s cunning tactic of ensuring Bing is the default search engine in their latest operating system ‘Window’s 8’, as the reason behind Bing growing in prominence. Online searches for Windows 8 have increased by 120% throughout October, confirming the increased online interest in Microsoft’s new operating system.

Then again, Bing has also been known to be very aggressive in their tactics of promotion for the last few months leading up to the festive season, either way they have a long way to go to get even in the same arena as the giant search engine ‘Google’.

Yahoo is in third place with an increase of 0.50 percentage points from October 2011, leaving them with 3.33% market share, another, albeit small increase, in the eyes of Google  is seeing  their competitors enjoying an increase in market share, whilst they have seen a decrease in the last 2 months.

Recent research suggests online users are demanding more from the search engines they interact with everyday, suggesting that as long as Google remains reliable, relevant and useful they will maintain prominent position with the largest market share, regardless of their competitors increase.

The table below shows the 4 main market players and their % of market share.

Source: Experian, November 2012


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