The Four Christmas Quiz Answers

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  1. Source: BBC News

    Who recently offered a ‘Tweet Suite’ for members of the press when they attended a party in their very large house?
    The Queen converted a room for guests at Buckingham palace when she held a party to brief them on her plans for  celebrating the Jubilee next year

  2. What is Google + ? A social network or a washing machine setting?
    The new social network looking to take on Facebook
  3. Who’s going down? Rebecca or James???
    We will wait and see…
  4. Who was nominated as TIMES Person of the Year but is not a person?
    The Protester is not an actual person but refers to a number of people after a worldwide outburst of people-power
  5. Which big event became the fastest rising UK Google search in 2011?
    The Royal Wedding
  6. The world population reached a record breaking number this year. What was it?
    7 Billion
  7. What was the top UK story posted on Facebook?
    The top story involved the BBC-made graphic which let people enter their birth-date and find out where they ranked among the seven billion people currently alive.
  8. What were the most popular search questions on Google in 2011?
    The most popular was ‘what is AV?’ as potential voters sought information ahead of the referendum on the alternative vote system in May. This search was followed closely by the queries ‘what is scampi?’ and ‘what are truffles?’ How sad is that?
  9. Who will win The Christmas Day ratings battle – East Enders or Coronation Street?
    Our money is on Enders!

    and finally nothing to do with media:

  10. Which country found a drunken Elk stuck in an apple tree?
    In Sweden a homeowner stumbled across this interesting sight in her garden. The animal was apparently on the hunt for fermenting apples when she lost her balance and became trapped in the tree.

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