Business Magazines reach new heights through Digital Media

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Circulations of Business Magazines vary dramatically from one publication to the next. We are however seeing that the ‘screen age generation’ is having a positive effect on their online offerings across the board.

The Economist is one of most established Business Magazines in the world, with both a large UK (circulation: 210,384) and Worldwide (circulation: 1,487,010) audience. UK print circulation continues to increase, whilst this growth is impressive in a generally declining market it is somewhat overshadowed by The Economist’s online offerings. Average monthly unique users of have increased by 49% in the past three years; whilst they receive an average of 600,000 weekly downloads for the Digital edition, nearly three times the amount of print readers.

The total print circulation for The Week is increasing year on year, with a current circulation of 187,536, whilst receives an average of 850,000 unique users per month. The Week, like many other Business Magazines have recently launched a Digital edition of their publication, allowing the Digitally savvy to consume media on their tablet, as well as online and in print.

Prospect Magazine’s print circulation, which is currently 32,105, continues to grow year on year. Whilst the average online unique users have fluctuated in the past three years; seeing a 12% decrease two years ago, followed by a 17% increase the following year. Prospect launched a Digital edition in March 2012, which has so far seen 3,960 downloads.

Unlike the previous three Business Magazines, Investors Chronicle (circulation: 26,753) and The Spectator (circulation: 63,643) have both seen a decrease in their print circulations. Whilst print has seen a decline, the publications have both increased their online activity, with The Spectator seeing a 17% increase and Investors Chronicle a 25% increase in their website’s average monthly unique users over the past three years. Investors Chronicle are imminently releasing their Digital edition, whilst The Spectator’s receives 4,500 downloads per month.

New Scientist (circulation: 80,867) is the only publication which has seen a decrease across its platforms, with print decreasing by 13% over the last three years, and online by 5%. New Scientist is launching a Digital edition later this year.

Business Magazine print circulations

Investors Chronicle and The Spectator are, in our option, publications which have not focused on their declining circulations, but instead on increasing the audience of their online offerings, following the general trend in media consumption. The Economist, Prospects and The Week, even with increasing circulations, have invested in their Digital offerings, allowing consumers to engage with them through a variety of media.  Whilst New Scientist, which has seen a decrease in its existing platforms, are investing in a Digital medium, fashioning themselves as a multi platform media.

Today, there is a huge crossover between those who read print and online, showing that readers are migrating. Print and online are no longer treated differently as packages are sold to an ‘audience’.


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