ABC’s Consumer Magazine Research – A Detailed Analysis

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Women’s Lifestyle

Condé Nast’s Glamour still tops the Women’s Lifestyle sector following a positive 5.9% PoP increase in sales.

A number of Women’s titles are still holding up well, despite the downturn – with several magazines posting increases. Overall, the market is up 1.1% YoY and 1.5% PoP.

However, some titles in the sector suffered substantial declines, including Marie Claire, Company, More! and Psychologies.

Women’s Weeklies

The post-recession market is still having a huge impact on the Women’s Weekly sector, which is down 8% on last year (and 5.4% PoP).

OK! and Hello were the only two titles who posted PoP increases in sales (up 4.9% and 1.9% respectively).

The top two titles in the sector – Take a Break and New! – have lost substantial copies, while Bauer’s Heat is down by 21.7% YoY (over 90,000 copies).

The decline of the weekly sector is worrying as it is a reflection of the downturn – little treats like a magazine are normally resistant to economic woes. The public are perhaps falling out of love with ‘celebrities’.

Home Interest

Home Interest is one of the few sectors to benefit from the current economic climate – with a number of titles seeing circulation increases, including Country Living, which leads the market.

Ikea Family Live has moved into the top three, with a total circulation of 150,000 copies.

Overall, the market is up 1% on last year.

Men’s Lifestyle

The Men’s Lifestyle sector is continuing to struggle – down 4.4% overall on this time last year.

The free titles – Shortlist and Sport – remain in poll position ahead of paid-for titles Men’s Health and FHM.

It is a bleak picture for some of the best known men’s brands, with FHM, GQ, Men’s Health, Nuts and Zoo all posting both YoY and PoP declines.

TV Listings

The TV Listings sector had a fairly poor period, with just one title posting a PoP increase between January and June 2011 (What’s On TV).

TV Choice, What’s On TV and Total TV Guide saw their circulation rise over the year. Overall, the market is up 1.4% on last year but down 1.9% PoP.

News & Current Affairs

News & Current Affairs similarly to Home Interest is a sector than has not been greatly affected by the current economic climate.

A number of titles have seen a circulation increase, Sense Magazine leading the way with a 5.2% PoP increase.

The Spectator was the biggest loser in the News & Current Affairs sector, with a 10.6% YoY fall.


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