Piccadilly Advertising Space

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The Piccadilly Lite ad space has been made available to a single brand for a 12 week slot around the 2012 Olympic games. These are commonly only available for long-term advertisers. Over the last 100 years, only 50 brand advertisers have been featured in the prime London spot.

The high resolution Digital LED screen allows brands to run digital messages that can be changed quickly and regularly.

With an estimated reach of over 2,800,000 people every fortnight this is clearly a great marketing opportunity for a brand to advertise during the Olympics in a busy central location.

According to the latest Advertising Association figures, the Olympics is expected to boost UK ad spend by 5.4% next year.

So if you have a spare £108,000 available to spend on advertising (this rate is for a 30 second slot within a 3.5 minute loop for 12 weeks) then snap this up whilst you still can.


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