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Holiday Season Property Supplements

The dates for the last Property & Travel supplements within the National Papers over the Christmas period and then when they start up again are featured below. Also featured are where the property & travel advertising will run over the weeks that the supplements are not running.

Sunday Times

Last Home supplement 18/12/2011 – first Home supplement 2012 – 15/01/2012

The property adverts will run in News Review over the break period though rates are higher.

Last Travel supplement 18/12/2011 and the first supplement for 2012 will be – 01/01/2012

Daily Telegraph

Last Property supplement 10/12/2011 – First Property supplement 2012 – 7/01/2012

The property adverts will run in Weekend over the break period.

Runs right through with the exception of Christmas day – main travel runs on a Saturday and then they have another travel supplement on a Sunday. Effectively last date of 2011 will be 31/12/11 and first one of 2012 will be 01/01/12.

Last Travel supplement date of 2011 will be 31/12/11 and first one of 2012 will be 01/01/12.

Runs right through with the exception of Christmas day – main travel runs on a Saturday and then they have another travel supplement on a Sunday.

Financial Times

Last Property supplement 17/12/2011 – First Property supplement 2012 – 7/01/2012

The Travel supplement will be published as normal without any breaks.

Evening Standard

Last Homes & Property supplement 14/12/2011 – First Homes & Property supplement
2012- 11 /01/2012.

The adverts can run in the general Classifieds section on the 23/12.

Last Travel supplement of 2011 – 23/12/11. The first issue of 2012 – 04/01/12.

Facebook Set for Gowalla Acquisition

It has been confirmed that Gowalla (a location sharing application), a key competitor of the FourSquare has been bought by Facebook for an undisclosed figure.

The co-founder Gowalla, Josh Williams, says:

“It’s been the highlight of our lives as we’ve built it with your help over the past two years. As we move forward, we hope some of the inspiration behind Gowalla – a fun and beautiful way to share your journey on the go – will live on at Facebook.”

The deal is Facebook’s most significant in 2011 and comes in light of new competition from other social networks such as Google+. Although Facebook now boasts 800 million users, their new noisy neighbour which launched in June this year, has already acquired over 40 million users, posing a real threat to the dominance of the world’s largest social media platform.

With unique features such as ‘Hangouts’ (an application that multiple users can video call and interact with each at any one time), Google+ is seemingly targeting Facebook’s crown as market leader.

Piccadilly Advertising Space

The Piccadilly Lite ad space has been made available to a single brand for a 12 week slot around the 2012 Olympic games. These are commonly only available for long-term advertisers. Over the last 100 years, only 50 brand advertisers have been featured in the prime London spot.

The high resolution Digital LED screen allows brands to run digital messages that can be changed quickly and regularly.

With an estimated reach of over 2,800,000 people every fortnight this is clearly a great marketing opportunity for a brand to advertise during the Olympics in a busy central location.

According to the latest Advertising Association figures, the Olympics is expected to boost UK ad spend by 5.4% next year.

So if you have a spare £108,000 available to spend on advertising (this rate is for a 30 second slot within a 3.5 minute loop for 12 weeks) then snap this up whilst you still can.

Global Advertising Spend on the Rise

The global advertising market is now in a better position than at the beginning of the economic downturn in 2008 according to a global report by ZenithOptimedia.

The media agency network predicts that global expenditure in advertising has increased by 3.5% in 2011 despite the Eurozone crisis and is forecasted to increase by 4.7% in 2012. This comes in light that advertisers have built up large cash reserves following low interest rates, which are now likely to be invested into advertising.

Western Europe is expected to show smaller growth (2% in 2012), despite the London 2012 Olympics.

As expected, the majority of advertising spend will come from developing markets with a 58% share of total advertising spend between 2011 and 2014 from countries including China and Brazil.

On the other hand, in  the UK, they have reduced their 2011 ad spend growth forecast from 3.3% to 2.1%, but still expects that it will return to pre-recession levels.

Below are the forecasts by medium as provided :

  • TV growth forecast down from 5% to 1% growth (the most significant change of all media).
  • Furthermore, anticipated decline for national newspapers has been increased further from
    -1.2% to -3.3%. These figures were made prior to the closure of the News of the World, meaning it is likely to be further decreased.
  • The internet continues to grow faster moving from +7.9% to +8.3% than any other with display the fastest growing segment (driven by online video and social video).
  • Outdoor media is also down from 3.1% to 0.9%.

In 2012, the report predicts resurgence for outdoor media (owing to the arrival of the Olympics) and a stop to the decline in newspapers and magazines, once the full impact of the demise of the New of the World has been realised.