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National Press September ABC Results

The latest ABC figures have been released for national press.

The daily national newspaper market saw circulation figures drop once again in September. Overall the market is down -7.1% Year on Year. Only one title in the daily market posted an increase – the FT was up 3.8% on August.

The Sunday market saw circulation figures fall -17.2% Year on Year. Following the closure of News International’s News of the World following the phone-hacking scandal, the Daily Star Sunday appears to have soaked up readers with a year on year increase of 89.34%. The Sunday Mirror has also benefited from the closure of NOTW, with a year on year circulation increase of over 715,000.

National Newspapers – September 2011 – ABC figures

Title Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 % YoY % POP
National Newspapers – Quality
Daily Telegraph 634,113 632,070 607,186 -7.92% -3.94%
Times 441,205 449,938 429,554 -11.77% -4.53%
Financial Times 336,590 331,883 344,583 -11.70% 3.83%
Guardian 248,775 241,287 232,566 -16.38% -3.61%
Independent 182,881 180,470 176,983 -3.17% -1.93%
Sunday Times 993,768 1,011,385 984,223 -9.86% -2.69%
Sunday Telegraph 501,379 499,612 481,648 -5.16% -3.60%
Independent On Sunday 167,247 164,518 154,328 0.55% -6.19%
Observer 288,842 274,304 273,015 -16.12% -0.47%
National Newspapers – Mid-market
Daily Mail 2,050,132 2,063,738 2,008,817 -6.32% -2.66%
Daily Express 625,952 629,764 617,640 -6.37% -1.93%
Mail On Sunday 2,255,399 2,098,244 1,979,701 0.49% -5.65%
Sunday Express 648,806 677,779 680,119 21.39% 0.35%
National Newspapers – Popular
Sun 2,821,618 2,795,601 2,725,323 -8.37% -2.51%
Daily Mirror 1,185,729 1,174,924 1,143,778 -5.73% -2.65%
Daily Star 706,757 703,218 681,268 -21.18% -3.12%
Daily Record 305,226 307,794 298,010 -8.01% -3.18%
Sunday Mirror 1,786,454 1,900,460 1,845,683 63.91% -2.88%
Daily Star Sunday 703,631 744,981 703,319 89.34% -5.59%
Free Titles
London Evening Standard 704,907 700,728 702,784 0.3% 13.91%
Metro 1,373,472 1,353,322 1,380,242 2.0% 2.48%

Further Analysis

Quality Daily Titles

  • All of the titles posted YoY and PoP declines, with the exception of the Financial Times, which enjoyed a 3.8% PoP rise
  • i continues to sit above The Independent with a circulation of 184,402 (compared to the Independents 176,983)
  • The Daily Telegraph saw the biggest actual loss in September (down by almost 25,000 copies on August), but remains the top-selling quality title
  • The Guardian posted the highest percentage decrease over the year – down -16.4% (45,563 copies)
  • The Times also recorded a significant loss YoY – down 57,314 copies

Mid-Market Daily Titles

  • The Daily Mail posted a -6.3% YoY and -2.7% PoP drop but its total remains just above the two-million copies mark
  • The Daily Express saw its circulation fall -6.4% YoY and -1.9% PoP to 618,000 copies

Popular Daily Titles

  • The Daily Star posted the biggest percentage fall YoY – down -21.2%
  • However, The Sun suffered the largest actual loss – down by more than 70,000 copies PoP and almost 250,000 copies YoY
  • The Sun remains the top-selling daily title with a total circulation of more than 2.7 million copies

Sunday Newspaper Market

  • The start of autumn saw circulation figures fall over the month, though the Sunday tabloid and mid-market titles are still enjoying the aftermath of the News of the World closing.

Quality Sunday Titles

  • The Observer suffered the biggest percentage drop, down -16.1% YoY
  • Meanwhile, The Sunday Times saw its circulation fall by almost 108,000 copies YoY, taking its total below the one million copies mark once again

Mid-Market Sunday Titles

  • The Sunday Express is the only title to post a YoY and PoP increase – up 21.4% and 0.3% respectively
  • The Mail on Sunday‘s total dropped -5.6% during the month but is still up 0.5% on this time last year

Popular Sunday Titles

  • All three Sunday red-tops enjoyed YoY increases
  • The Sunday Mirror is the top-selling tabloid with a total of 1.8 million copies – up by over 715,000 copies year on year
  • The Daily Star Sunday recorded a 89.3% YoY rise, an increase of 331,862 copies; while the People posted a 57.6% YoY increase

Facebook Sees 18.5% Click Through Increases

Click-through rates for Facebook ads in the UK, USA, France, Germany and Canada increased by 18.5% between the second and third quarter of 2011 (TBG Digital).

Growth has been driven by an increase in fan acquisition and application install campaigns, as well as improved effectiveness from ad formats such as Sponsored Stories.

It has been discovered that Facebook is earning more per impression whilst the Cost per Click rates have fallen for advertisers. Cost-per-click rates fell over the third quarter by 10.8%, while cost-per-thousand impressions increased by 7.1%.

Brand advertising is also on the increase, up 6.7% from the second quarter of 2010, and accounts for just over half of all Facebook advertising.

Retail brands had the highest share of impressions at 27% for the quarter, followed by food and drink brands, with a 14% share.

The entertainment sector has seen the steepest growth from the last quarter, growing its share of total impressions to 8% from under 1%.

Simon Mansell, chief executive of TBG Digital said “With true global scale and massive levels of user engagement, Facebook should be the first choice for any brand campaign.”

“The success of Facebook PPC advertising can be attributed to the diverse targeting options available such as demographics, user interests and geo-location. However, Facebook PPC should not be considered as an alternative to PPC on other platforms like Google AdWords. Google PPC targets users based on what they are searching for, whist Facebook PPC will target based on who they are.” Four Opinion– Director of Search Marketing

QR Codes Increasing in Popularity

~  20% of 18-24 year olds use QR codes ~ 39% of the population think they know how to use one  ~ 37% think they could be useful ~

QR codes are now being used by a significant number of UK consumers as they appear in growing numbers in advertising, media content and on packaging.

Almost 40% of consumers are now familiar with the interactive barcodes and across all age groups 12% of consumers have successfully scanned a QR code with their mobile phone camera and accessed the information it contained. However, this figure increases to 20% amongst 18-24 year olds and 15% for 25-34 year olds.

The majority of consumers are open-minded about using QR codes, or believe they could be beneficial; 37% of consumers think they could be useful, while 35% are not yet sure.

On average, men are more likely to have used a QR code (15%) than women (12%) and of people who have used them, most have done so with codes on advertising and on products.

Although QR codes are achieving relatively high usage rates amongst 18-24 year olds, overall 43% of consumers say they have never seen one and just 1% of those aged 55-64 had used one successfully.

(Source of statistics:

Facebook Launches the Long Awaited iPad App

The social media site is extending its digital offering by unveiling an iPad app. The app features a new layout for the site, with games, apps, groups and lists in a left-hand menu, and messages and notifications at the top of every screen.

Facebook’s iPhone app is the most downloaded iPhone app to date and with mobile usage of the social network rising, its move to tablet devices has been hotly anticipated.