Daily Archives: May 15, 2011

Radio stronger than ever

According to latest figures from RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Ratings), ratings body for radio, 47.2 million people are listing to radio each week in the UK. With the highest ratings seen since 1992, analysts are saying this is due to a surge in internet enabled smartphones and tablet computers sales that enable listeners to tune in from almost anywhere. The overall listening share through the internet has risen from 2.9% to 3.6% in 2010 and is set to continue increasing as more and more people are online more of the time. Additionally, radio is now listened to by 26.5% of people through other digital means (DAB broadcast radio, internet and digital TV).

This news comes as the whole radio industry, including the BBC, are joining forces in a new internet radio venture known as the Radioplayer, making it easier for users to access radio online. Radio chiefs say there is potential for massive growth of those listening online, as it can be done simultaneously with other online activities.